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Meet the Squad

Sairjis, Levonte, Stephan (in back), Rich (in front), Jason, Kapreece and Laura

by Karyn Brown

Spring has definitely sprung, and we are busy working to provide the best mosquito control available. Mosquito season starts in March and gets really busy in May, so we have been hiring, training, purchasing equipment and taking care of customers for about two months already.

In order to provide the most thorough and effective mosquito control for your yard, we typically work in teams of two, with one technician taking care of the front yard while the other takes care of the back. We know exactly what to do to give you the best control, whether you choose the all natural or the conventional treatment, but we also move pretty fast! We are in and out of most yards in 15-20 minutes or less, and once the product has had 30 minutes to dry and settle, you and your family can get back to enjoying your outdoor living space.

I am extremely happy with the 2017 team so far! We have a lot of fun together and everyone is dedicated to our mission of helping customers enjoy their yards. When you see the Squad at your house, come out and say hello to the best technicians in the business!

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