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Sparkling Peach Sangria

by Karen Marquardt

Mosquito Squad isn’t all about getting rid of biting pests! Like you, we like to spend time with our families outdoors. Peaches are just now hitting the market in Central Texas and we love shopping at any of the many Austin area farmers markets to find the best fruit available. This sangria recipe makes use of these delicious gifts from nature. The sparkling wine in the recipe makes a lovely, light, summer beverage perfect for brunch and there is even an alcohol-free version for kids! Many summer evenings, I hang out with my neighbors on the cul-de-sac and this sangria has made it to more than one get-together.

4 peaches, sliced
½ cup fresh mint or lemon balm (optional)
½ cup elderflower liqueur such as St. Germain
1 750 mL bottle light, sweet, white wine, like Chenin Blanc, Moscato, Reisling or Gewürztraminer
1 750 mL bottle sparkling wine, I like Prosecco
Fresh raspberries (optional)

Mix peaches, mint, liqueur, and the wine. Slightly muddle the mint and peaches. Refrigerate overnight for fullest flavor. Add sparkling wine and serve. You can either mix it all together, or pour the peach mixture into a glass and top with sparkling wine. I like the more blended flavor when it is all mixed together. It you want a sweeter version, you can add ½ cup simple syrup (mint infused is nice!). For a kid friendly version, substitute elderflower syrup (Ikea carries it), white grape/peach juice and peach flavored sparkling water. Raspberries are a nice addition.

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