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All Natural Protection Against Mosquitoes

Summertime is great in Central Texas, allowing us lots of time in the backyard to swim, play, grill and enjoy the wonderful weather. Mosquitoes can make those activities miserable, but we have several options for controlling mosquitoes in Austin, including an all-natural option.

For this service, Mosquito Squad uses a product comprised of mixed essential oils, which repels and eliminates up to 70-75% of the mosquitoes in your yard for two full weeks, guaranteed!

This is a wonderful option for people wishing to avoid synthetics, who have fish ponds or who have chemical sensitivities. We apply the all-natural product in the same way as our traditional treatment, targeting all the areas in your yard where mosquitoes hide. We also treat potential breeding sites such as french drains and plant saucers with a larvacide. The pleasant minty scent of the all-natural spray disappears within a few hours, but it continues to provide a high level of mosquito control.

Our all-natural treatment can keep your property mosquito free all season long with a quick service every two weeks. We make the process easy so you can get outside and enjoy your yard! Mosquito Squad schedules your appointments in advance, reminds you of upcoming service and leaves you notice that we’ve been there. You don’t even need to be home!

For the very best service when eliminating mosquitoes, call Mosquito Squad at (512) 872-6608. We will send out one of our trained and licensed technicians to assess your property, and provide treatment against those pesky skeeters so you can focus on fun in the sun.

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