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Barrier Spray: How it Works

Being outdoors, even in the daytime, can be challenging when mosquitoes show up. Have you dreaded getting out of the pool at night for fear that you will be eaten alive by mosquitoes? Have you ever been driven inside while trying to enjoy a glass of wine on your deck? Are you one of those people that mosquitoes seem to find particularly tasty, seeming to come for miles just to bite you?

We get it and Mosquito Squad takes care of it. Previously, your choices were limited to so many citronella candles that you could taste them, smearing your body with greasy repellents, or just staying indoors. This is not what a Central Texas lifestyle should be!

There is a better way!

Mosquito Squad’s barrier mosquito control treatment is applied to your entire yard, protecting you from mosquitoes. Starting from the perimeter and working inward, our trained and licensed technicians treat your yard every 2-3 weeks for mosquito control. The spray mist acts as a barrier in your yard protecting you from 85-90% of the mosquitoes. Not only does the spray eliminate mosquitoes on contact, but it also continues to work for up to 3 weeks.

Our microencapsulated product adheres to green plants where mosquitoes harbor, providing a effective barrier to mosquitoes. We recommend people and pets stay out of the yard for about 30 minutes. After that, you can enjoy your mosquito free yard! What about flowering plants and bees and butterflies? At Mosquito Squad of North and West Austin, we pay special attention to protecting beneficial insects. We do not spray any flowering plants or trees. Our licensed technicians are well trained and treat your yard with care and attention to detail.

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